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Lu Over the Wall 


At first glance the plot may look suspiciously like Ponyo: a boy befriends a stylised mermaid from the deep, they have a series of meet-cutes. But in Lu Over the Wall, it’s not just the waves that rock and roll, it’s rock and roll making waves. The boy, in this case, is a musician, and his fish-lady friend is a music lover in what is a feature-length tribute to the power that music has to bring people together. It may be an experience best felt rather than thought much about. Released 11 May in the US and 31 May in Spain. (Credit: Toho)







In Tully, Theron is back, playing a woman named Marlo who’s about to welcome her third child into the world and feels absolutely overwhelmed by life. So she ends up accepting the assistance of a professional caregiver named Tully (Mackenzie Davis), who enriches her life in many more ways than she expected. Amy Nicholson wrote in The Guardian, “It’s a marvelous movie about the lies we tell ourselves to stay sane – and the reasons why we might need to tell the truth.” Released 4 May in the US, UK and Lithuania, 10 May in Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands, and 31 May in Germany and Greece. (Credit: Focus Features)


Deadpool 2 


Deadpool was the surprise smash of 2016, a foul-mouthed riff on the superhero genre starring Ryan Reynolds as a profane mercenary who’s horribly scarred by some baddies, then hunts them down in a quip-filled quest for bloody satisfaction. It ended up receiving a best picture nomination at the Golden Globes along with a best actor nod for Reynolds. Now a sequel arrives two years later. Along for the ride this time is Josh Brolin as Cable, a time-traveling tough guy and Zazie Beetz as beloved Marvel mutant Domino. Keep the kids far, far away from this decidedly adults-only romp. Released 15 May in the UK and Italy, 18 May in the US, Turkey, India and Sri Lanka, and 31 May in the Czech Republic. (Credit: 20th Century Fox)


The Breadwinner 


Nora Twomey, the animation director whose film The Secret of Kells won an Academy Award nomination for best animated feature in 2010, is back with a long-in-development passion project about a young girl living in Afghanistan under the Taliban. Just nominated for the same prize at this Oscars earlier this year, The Breadwinner is a little bit Mulan, a little bit Yentl – young Parvana cuts her hair and passes for a boy to make money for her family after his father is arrested for his dissident views. Released 25 May in the UK and Ireland. (Credit: StudioCanal)




Mary and the Witch’s Flower 


So if you wanted to see an anime film that’s a cross between Harry Potter and Doctor Strange, look no further: Mary and the Witch’s Flower is the debut effort by Studio Ponoc, founded by the former lead producer of Studio Ghibli, and it’s about a young witch who takes on a terrible evil. “For longtime Ghibli fans who were afraid they were done with new adventures, especially in the Miyazaki mold, it’s tremendous,” writes Tasha Robinson in The Verge. “And for people who aren’t familiar with Ghibli, but are looking for a beautifully animated, fast-moving adventure fantasy, it’s also tremendous.” Released 4 May in the UK and Ireland. (Credit: Toho)

如果你想看一部介于《哈利·波特》和《奇异博士》之间的电影,它就在你眼前了。《玛丽与魔女之花》是前吉卜力首席制作人成立的Ponoc工作室的处女作,讲述了一位对抗可怕邪恶势力的小女巫的故事。塔莎·罗宾森在The Verge网站上写道:“对于那些担心再也看不到宫崎骏风格的新动画的吉卜力老粉丝们来说,这部电影意义重大。而对那些对吉卜力不熟悉但想看到画风唯美、情节紧凑的冒险奇幻片的人而言,这部电影也很精彩。该片将于5月4日在英国和爱尔兰上映。”(资料来源:东宝株式会社)



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